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Mackk Fitness

2 Queenston Street
St. Catharines, Ontario L2R 2Y7 

Monday-Friday 6am-10pm

Satuday and Sunday 6am-6pm

(By Appointment Only)

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What Our Customers Say

Mary is highly knowledgeable in both training and nutrition, and cares deeply about her clients overall well being. Each session and plan is crafted with so much thought, and no two workouts ever feel the same. Mary makes you feel welcomed and comfortable discussing your goals and always encourages you to make your health a priority. I have loved being part of the MACKK family!


What Our Customers Say

Mary is noting short of an amazing trainer. She takes the time to personalize your workouts and meals, according to your goals. She also checks in to see how your doing mentally. Which I really appreciate!

Camille Green

What Our Customers Say

Mary cares deeply about my health and consistently goes above and beyond to help me achieve my goals. Mary truly provides a holistic approach to her personal training that I have never experienced before. Such a gift! I HIGHLY recommend Mackk Fitness because they are truly yourpartner in success. Thank you Mary and team for helping me to be the healthiestand happiest version of me! 

Julie Danaylov, Mackk Fitness client since 2016

What Our Clients Say

Mackk Fitness is not just a brand it's a lifestyle, a family. Never have I met a personal trainer that not only trains your body but also your mind! Mary is the epitome of discipline, sacrifice, blood sweat and tears. Her dedication to fitness and mental health is reflected in her client interactions. This brand is everything! I'm so proud to be a part of the MackkFitness athletes.

Sarah Easton