Youth Programs

There is a strong link between physical activity and mental health, with research showing that regular exercise can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase overall well-being. For youth who may be struggling with substance abuse, poverty, or other challenges, physical activity can provide a safe and positive outlet for coping with these issues.
By promoting physical literacy and self development, Mackk Fitness' youth programs aim to provide a new set of tools for young people to manage their mental health and well-being. Our youth programs offer a supportive and structured environment for engagement in healthy activities and for cultivating meaningful relationships with coaches, mentors, peers and self.
Current Mackk Fitness Youth Programs:
  • Yoga 
  • Physical Literacy
  • Intro to Exercise
  • Athletic Development
  • Volunteering/mentorship opportunities 

If you are interested in registering your youth for our programs or partnership with one of our programs contact